Perfect Christmas Gift


Holiday season just around the corner! That's a great time of the year: Christmas trees and beautiful decorations, holiday sales, presents, candies, delicious foods, to name a few of everyone's favorite things about winter holiday season.

These days we want to make sure that we dedicate an appropriate attention to those we love: family members, friends, colleagues. And this is the time when we all start to think our heads off deciding what would be the perfect gift for our loved ones.

Obviously, the perfect gift has to be heartwarming, hands warming, throat warming!

Now think of coffee. According to Coffee Consumption Statistics in the United Stated, more than 54% of Americans drink coffee every day and additional 25% - occasionally. During the winter season, the majority of coffee drinkers prefer hot coffee. Consider also those enjoying specialty coffee drinks, Hot Chocolate and even broth.

Still deciding on the perfect gift?

Self-Stirring Mug (stainless still or acrylic - your choice) is the answer. This simple, but yet stylish mug allows you to easily create your favorite beverage in seconds, whether you are at home or office.

No messy coffee stirrers, no spill, no problem.


The Stirring Mug Team